By Rafael Aquino

Published September 18, 2019  


As election season quickly approaches most associations, I wonder how many owners pay attention to the person they are electing to such seat. I'm surprised by the lack of regard most owners have when it comes to an election and who they are appointing. Selecting the wrong individuals to serve on the board can cause some severe impacts to the association and the culture of the community.  I get it, no one wants to work for free; however, the wrong choice can cost you more in the long haul so the selection process should not be taken lightly.  What steps can an association take to ensure leadership takes each position seriously?


First, good governance begins with sound policies and procedures. If your documents don't outline the role of the officers and their responsibilities, this should be the starting point.  Second, the selection of board members is recommended to be balanced out with individuals that can play different roles.  In doing so, more can be addressed because each member can play to their strength rather than their weakness. Third, committees such as social, architectural, parking, etc.  should be created, its a great way of getting members involved.  It can play to the associations benefit as well because these committee members get exposure with the members and eventually can become new board members.


Now once you've elected such board your job as a member doesn't end.  Remember this is your home and for most your primary investment.  It is equally as crucial that once they are appointed that you monitor the actions and the decisions being made.   Are they leading the association in a positive direction?  Are they conducting themselves in a fashion that is in line with the policies and procedures of the association? If you aren't asking these questions now, don't come back a few years down the line complaining about the lousy job they did.  You are just as responsible as they are becuase you had the choice to hold them accountable, and you didn't. Remember election happen every year in most association if they don't perform you can vote them out. 


I'd love to hear from our readers... do you take your selection of the board serious? Once elected, do you hold your board accountable?

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