By Rafael Aquino

Published September 13, 2023  


Community association board members are responsible for shaping harmonious living spaces, ensuring financial stability, and fostering a resilient community spirit. As the year-end approaches, businesses gear up for annual meetings to strategize for the upcoming year. Community associations must follow suit.


Imagine setting out on a voyage across the sea without a compass or map. The waters might be unpredictable, with occasional calm patches and sudden storms. A ship without direction could be lost, facing tumultuous waves and an uncertain fate. Similarly, entering the new year without a solid plan is like setting sail into the unknown. It's risky, and the path to success becomes clouded.


We've honed our approach to community association management with three core principles that stand as our beacon: ALIGN.EXECUTE.DELIVER.



Before setting out on any venture, alignment is critical. Alignment doesn't just refer to everyone agreeing on an idea but understanding its purpose. It's about having a shared vision and mission that everyone can get behind, from board members to residents. Proper alignment ensures that every decision taken aligns with the overarching goals of the community.



Ideas without action are mere dreams. For a community to thrive, its plans must be brought to life with precision and dedication. This means the board making informed decisions, the management executing these decisions efficiently, and the community rallying behind these actions for the benefit of all.



Delivering results is the ultimate testament to an association's effectiveness. It's not just about achieving the goals but doing so in a way that adds value to the community members' lives. It's the culmination of the alignment of vision and the precision in execution.


Businesses are already strategizing for the year ahead, understanding the importance of preparation. Community associations must adopt the same forward-thinking approach. 

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As the Co-Founder and CEO of Affinity Management Services, Rafael P. Aquino leads his team to redefine excellence. They serve community   associations   efficiently

and effectively with dedication and passion. Rafael’s energy and positive spirit is the foundation of Affinity Management Services’ company culture, which instills enthusiasm and excitement when providing expert advice to its board members and relieving the day-to-day burdens of running a community association.


Since 2007, Rafael has developed a work culture that values responsive and high-quality services. He has led his team by following a proactive vs reactive philosophy. The same approach Rafael instills in the day to day operations of each association. Today, Affinity Management Services maintains its success and benefits as a result of the foundation Rafael has built and continues to foster by providing educational seminars, continuing education classes for association managers and board members alike.

Rafael and his team help condominium and homeowners’ associations save money and improve their communities. His calm, personable, and service-oriented nature helps him to establish strong relationships with ease. Rafael is known as a sincere and honest leader who looks out for the best interests of his clients and communities, and he strongly advocates for their needs. His role requires coordination and communication, as such he takes logical and intelligent steps to approach challenges head-on.

As a graduate of Florida International University’s electrical engineering program and a licensed community association manager, Rafael’s education and skills equip him with unique insights to tackle complex problems through critical thinking. He understands how each component within a system works together in order to effectively arrive at solutions, techniques, and conclusions. Therefore, as he manages the multiple challenges of running a community association management company, he understands how each property is its own unique system and tailors’ specific services to assure that all their needs are met.

For more information about Rafael P. Aquino and Affinity Management Services please visit or call 1-800-977-6279

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