By Rafael Aquino

Published May 22, 2019  


I believe more needs to be done to protect condo and homeowner associations when it comes to management companies providing additional services like painting, landscaping, irrigation, insurance, water restoration, lending money for capital projects or the purchase of the HOA clubhouse and the list goes on. It has become so lucrative that even smaller to medium size management firms have gotten into the game.


In my opinion, I believe a double standard exists because some, not all, of these organizations have lobbyist protecting their interest and not the associations. Let me put it this way, how can legislation pass not allowing board members to hire companies in which the board member owns one (1) percent interest but yet a management company, with a simple disclosure in an agreement, can push all its companies onto the association. Do you find that to be fair or ethical? I donít!


Some may say, well if they can provide a similar service for a better price, what's the problem? The problem is, how do you know thatís the best service or price? How do you know the proposal or RFP process was not rigged to the benefit of the management company? As the manager of the association, you have direct access to all the proposals, the discussions had with each vendor and inside knowledge not privy to the other vendors. Furthermore, if the management company was in charge of sending the RFP to two different companies, how do you know they didnít send it to the most expensive companies in town, so their proposal shines? If you weigh the pros and cons of this kind of situation, you will see that you have more to lose than you think.


Better yet, this kind of practice has made it harder for board members to get apples to apples comparison when considering a change in management because the management companies that have an interest in all these other organizations will come in with a rock bottom management price knowing they can make it up with the other services. As a board member, you should always rememberÖ ďThereís no free lunch.Ē


Iím curious to hear from our readers, are you ok with having your management company bring in companies in which they have an ownership stake? Do you believe itís a conflict of interest or a benefit?

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