By Jan Bergemann

Published December 12, 2014


Let’s make sure everybody understands: Identity theft in associations can’t really be avoided. Too many people have access to the so-called “confidential records.”


Especially in associations with the right to interview potential owners/renters the danger of identity theft is huge. The associations are normally asking the potential buyer/renter for all the goodies any identity thief needs – and this “dangerous” info is normally not very well protected. Normally it’s kept in some office where too many people have access. “Too many people” means too many eyes that can steal this info.


And in the end nobody knows who was the one using the info – or selling it. Make no mistake: This info is valuable for the bad guys and – as we have seen in various cases – they are willing to pay good money for it.


And since associations are not really able to properly protect all this “dangerous” info they shouldn’t – in my opinion – collect this info in the first place.


Don’t forget: It’s as well a matter of liability!

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