By Jan Bergemann

Published December 1, 2017


I’m really sick and tired of all these folks who want to be politically correct. The latest rage: SEXUAL HARRASSMENT CHARGES!


In the moment it’s not a question of when will some sexual harassment charges be brought up – it’s: WHO WILL BE NEXT?



Some women suddenly come forward, make some claims that mostly can’t be proven so many years later – and some “celebrity” or “politicians” gets suspended from their job or is asked to resign.

What happens in the moment in this country is in my opinion more than just ridiculous. Day by day we hear some charges brought against some well-known person by women who failed to bring these charges 20 and 30 years ago when they allegedly happened! It seems that certain women have realized how easy it is to demonize folks – or former employers – they just don’t like. Or maybe they love getting some “wanted” publicity?


Yes, there may be sexual harassment on the job, but these women should come forward immediately, when facts can be proven and things are fresh in peoples’ memories.


In my opinion most of these charges are politically motivated – or plainly revenge. These women have to know that they can’t really prove their charges – and some are even outright ridiculous.


What really is SEXUAL HARRASSMENT? Is making a compliment considered making sexual advances? If yes, I am as well guilty of sexual harassment. I can assure you that I have complimented some of my female employees for having their hair done nicely or wearing a nice dress. What’s wrong with it? According to some of these accusers these “compliments” must already be considered “sexual advances”.


Are these people NUTS?


Considering the hype it will be just a matter of time before community association board members and/or community association managers will be accused of sexual harassment. It seems like it’s nowadays a very easy way to get rid of political opponents and folks someone doesn’t like.


Why going through the lengthy process of a legal recall? Just accuse the sitting president of sexual harassment! That'll do it!


I read all day e-mails from community association members – board members and owners alike – and I can see there is often much hatred in these communities that are advertised as “easy-living” neighborhoods.


Is this the kind of environment we want to live in?

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