By Jan Bergemann

Published October 28, 2016




When I saw the lawsuit I had to read it twice, because I didn’t believe my eyes the first time.

Just read the lawsuit (DOUBLE-CLICK HERE) – and start wondering what is wrong with this picture.
I have never in my life seen anybody suing his/her employer for a pay-raise. I doubt somebody held a gun to their head forcing them to accept the job for the pay offered. And normal people look for a different job if they are unhappy with their pay – and the employer refuses to agree to a pay-raise. But suing the employer?
Not only have some of these plaintiffs a horrible reputation for working slower than a turtle, some communities are still suffering from their outrageous rulings. Especially LESLIE ANDERSON-ADAMS, while working for the Department of Community Affairs, made revitalization rulings that contradicted the Florida statutes – and these communities are still suffering from her nonsense.
I have, over the years, asked many times to increase the salaries of the arbitrators – in all honesty their pay is lousy for a certified attorney, but I had asked for it in order to attract more talent to the Division, not for the purpose of rewarding the existing employees.
My advice for people unhappy with their salary: Don’t sue your employer, because you are burning bridges and no future employer wants to hire somebody who had sued the former employer for a pay-raise.
On the other hand, it shows to me that this lawsuit is an act of desperation, because I seriously doubt that any decent law firm would hire these folks for a better salary, considering their reputation in Florida’s community association world.
But after reading this lawsuit I definitely asked myself: What is wrong with the attitude of such people?

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