By Jan Bergemann

Published September 20, 2019


Eric said in his blog on Monday: ďAMEND TO YOUR HEARTíS CONTENT


I absolutely disagree. I think the Florida Supreme Court got it all totally wrong with their decision in the case of Woodside Village Condominium Association vs. Jahren in 2002.


For me a contract is a contract! In this country where a contract can even supersede the US Constitution, it seems to me that a contract is not a contract, if our justice system thinks itís ďconvenientĒ to ignore the contract.


Letís be very honest, if I buy into a NO-PET community because of my allergies I shouldnít have to deal with a neighbor claiming that he/she needs an emotional service pet. Donít I have rights too? The contract I signed said clearly: NO PETS ALLOWED! So just because in this time and age everybody wants to be political correct, I have to suffer from my allergies? In my opinion the person who suddenly decides that he/she wants a pet but decided to buy into a NO-PET community should be the one to move, not the person who bought into a NO-PET community for health reasons.


Another example for breach of contract rights: In order to increase my retirement funds I buy four condo units in a community where renting is allowed Ė no restrictions according to the governing docs when I bought these units. I rely on the wording of the contract when buying these units. But suddenly some board members and some neighbors decide that they donít like to live in a community where renting is allowed without restrictions. They amend the governing docs and suddenly I canít rent my units any longer. Since I canít live in four condo-units at the same time, I am forced to sell these units, often for an amount that doesnít cover my initial buying price.




Honestly: I donít care about being political correct: A contract is a contract and my rights are my rights. No matter if some judges on a Supreme Court feel otherwise!

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