By Jan Bergemann

Published September 13, 2019


Itís great to get prepared for hurricane, but you should as well make sure that all the expensive equipment you bought to protect you, your family and your home from a hurricane and the problems caused by it, is still working when you really need it.


Everybody tells you to buy water, batteries and lots of non-perishable food, but how about the equipment you bought years ago?


Letís say you have hurricane shutters and the company you bought it from promised easy installation, but you didnít have to use them for quite a while. As a preparation for hurricane season test them by installing them, even if there is no hurricane in sight. Because itís often too late to find somebody to repair possible problems once the 48-hour warning is issued. How good are the most expensive hurricane shutters if they donít work when you need them.


The same goes for your generator: Make sure it works! Most generators are set for a weekly test run, but did you hear your generator running last week at the designated time? Donít call the company servicing your generator when a hurricane is closing in. They are more than busy, because you will not be the only one who made a last-minute test and figured out that there is something wrong. And without a generator your food in your fridge and freezer will be toast, because the first thing that goes here in Florida when a hurricane is approaching is the electricity. Itís sad, but itís the truth as we all know.


Spending money on protecting your home and your family is definitely a good investment, but the best investment is useless when it doesnít work!


Just for future references: My wife and my niece went to church on Sunday when Dorian was approaching, threatening to score a direct hit on Florida. The pastor prayed and asked the whole congregation to blow east in order to turn the hurricane away from us. Obviously it worked!

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