By Jan Bergemann

Published July 5, 2019


Yesterday was INDEPENDENCE DAY and most of us were celebrating the birth of our great nation Ė showing national pride. The symbols of our great Nation are our Star-Spangled Banner, also known as ďOlí GloryĒ, and our National Anthem. Many people died defending our Freedom and Liberty Ė and the symbols of our great Nation.


I feel strongly about this issue Ė and I am deeply offended when I see people trampling these symbols with their feet.


I was disgusted when I saw Kaepernick playing political mischief with our flag and the National Anthem. But that was only inside our country.


Itís even worse if itís done in front of the whole world. You may know that in the moment the National Womenís Soccer teams are playing in France for the World Cup. But one player of our national team is playing politics with our flag and our National Anthem.


One player, named Megan Rapinoe, dishonored our flag and our National Anthem in front of the whole world, embarrassing our great Nation. Last Friday the US team won against France, a pretty big achievement, but the European newspapers didnít use this victory as the headlines, they used the behavior of Rapinoe during the playing of our National Anthem to create nasty headlines, embarrassing the United States of America.


Even if she would be the greatest female soccer player in the world, she should have no place in a team that is representing our Nation with the whole world watching. In my opinion she is a disgrace for our Nation. Sports and politics shouldnít mix. We have seen what it did to the NFL!


Oh, by the way: On Tuesday the US team won the Semi-Final match against England Ė without Rapinoe. And it was nice to see that all 11 players honored the Star-Spangled Banner and our National Anthem. That showed that our team can win even without a player dishonoring our nation.


We are a free country and open borders work in both directions: If people like Rapinoe donít like it here, the borders, especially in the South, are wide open: She can leave at any time!


And if you are still a PROUD AMERICAN donít buy any more NIKE products! (See: Nikeís Betsy Ross Flag Freak-Out Shows Moral Inconsistency of Left)

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