By Jan Bergemann

Published June 5, 2020


The Pandemic didn’t only create health issues, it as well changed widely our life-style and the way we were doing business. It as well created lots of legal controversies.


First of all owners got upset about the rules allowing or disallowing access to their units/homes. Then some owners got upset about boards closing down the communities’ amenities, others got upset that the boards refused to close down the amenities. We all know: You can never do it right – no matter what you do!


Now the fight is on over re-opening these amenities: Some folks are for it – some are against it. Nothing wrong with being careful, but even if the community pool re-opened, nobody is forcing anybody to use it – especially if you don’t feel comfortable using it. If you are a member of the board, make sure that the association follows all the rules, State and County rules. There is a reason why these rules are made!

I get more and more questions from board members asking if they could get sued – and from owners if they could sue the association fo opening – or keeping them closed – the amenities.


This is the most sue-happy country I ever lived and worked in. And it’s to my knowledge the only country that has more attorneys than medical doctors. That already tells you answer to your question: YES, everybody can sue everybody for everything. That's ’he way of life in this country!

The big question really is: “CAN YOU WIN SUCH A LAWSUIT?”


Personally, I don’t think so! If you get infected with the virus you couldn't really prove where and how you got infected. Remember: The incubation period for COVID-19 is thought to extend to 14 days – meaning you would have to prove that only your visit to the community pool could be blamed for you getting infected. In my opinion an insurmountable burden of proof.


In my opinion there is only one thing to do: Suffer through the problems of the virus and make the best of it. Getting annoyed to the point that you are willing to file a lawsuit will only make attorneys rich and you and your association even poorer!


Nobody – only possible China – is to blame for this Pandemic. Let’s just work all together to get our lives back to normal.

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