By Jan Bergemann

Published April 15, 2022


In earlier posts I had already pointed out that there are quite a few board presidents who think their names are Adolf, Joseph or Fidel – and they act accordingly. Let’s make sure: A president is an officer, not the CEO of the association. And like any other officer he/she ONLY has ONE VOTE at the board meeting, no matter what Robert’s Rules or any other rule may say. A president can’t make any kind of decision without the approval of a majority of the board at a public board meeting.


The other board members have to understand that they will as well be held responsible if anything goes wrong after the president makes single-handed decisions that backfire one way or the other. – or if money “miraculously” disappears. These board members have to understand that they – even silently – condoned these actions of the president.


And I often hear complaints from board members claiming that the board president takes actions without approval of the board – just claiming he can do it because he is the president. Absolutely wrong!


These other board members seem to forget that the president serves at the pleasure of the board. A simple majority vote of the board members at a publicly announced board meeting can remove him from office.


A board president who thinks that he/she is actually a DICTATOR is a great danger for the financial welfare of all owners of the community.


A board president has certain rights as detailed in the Bylaws, but that’s it! And all community members, and especially the other board members should always keep that in mind!



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Jan Bergemann

Jan Bergemann is president of Cyber Citizens For Justice, Florida 's largest state-wide property owners' advocacy group. CCFJ works on legislation to help owners living in community  

associations. He moved to Florida in 1995 - hoping to retire. He moved into a HOA, where the developer cheated the homeowners and used the association dues for his own purposes. End of retirement!


CCFJ was born in the year 2000, when some owners met in Tallahassee - finding out that power is only in numbers. Bergemann was a member of Governor Jeb Bush's HOA Task force in 2003/2004.


The organization has two websites to inform interested Florida homeowners and condo owners:

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We think that only owners can really represent owners, since all service providers surely have a different interest! We are trying to create owner-friendly laws, but the best laws are useless without enforcement. And enforcement is totally lacking in Florida !

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