By Jan Bergemann

Published April 12, 2019


Eric said it on Monday already: Are these bills, aimed at postponing the sprinkler-retrofitting requirement once again, just “Another Attempt To Put Money Ahead Of Safety?”

It sure looks that way!


Let’s make sure that everybody understands the history of this requirement:

It all started in Tallahassee in 2004 – fifteen (15) years ago. When the bill requiring sprinkler-retrofitting in hi-rises was first enacted the legislators gave condominium association ample time to save the money to pay for this – admittedly – expensive project without having to levy special assessments.


But instead of creating reserve funds many association boards plainly ignored the new law or even paid lobbyists [like former Senator Ellyn Bogdanoff from the Becker (former & Poliakoff) law firm] to fight this requirement, instead of saving money to pay for the now by law required sprinkler-system.


Yes, I absolutely understand that many condo-owners “cry” about a possible special assessment that might create serious financial hardship, but they should not blame the legislators, they should blame the association boards they elected. They dropped the ball and created the serious problems many condo-owners are facing now if the postponement bills don’t pass.


But just postponing the date for sprinkler-retrofitting will not really make a difference as long as the postponement bill will not carry a requirement to create a reserve-fund to pay for the retrofitting at a later date – a date to be determined.


Over the years, nearly annually, we have seen bills in Tallahassee trying to extent the dead-line, some more successful than others. Governor Rick Scott actually vetoed a bill that would have allowed the dead-line to be extended.


Just postponing the “inevitable will not do the trick, because we can be sure that the same people are “crying” again in a few years’ time.


The only way to really put an end to this discussion would be by adding the mandatory requirement of creating reserve funds for this purpose to the bill, a reserve fund big enough to pay for the cost of sprinkler-retrofitting at the end of the dead-line.


I know my opinion isn’t popular, but let’s face it: The “crying” will be even bigger if a few elderly condo owners, who couldn’t run fast enough, die in a fire, elderly condo owners who could have been saved if the hi-rise would have been equipped with a sprinkler-system – and the expensive lawsuits are flying!

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