SB 476: Law Enforcement Vehicles

By Jan Bergemann

Published February 28, 2020


This was the first community association bill that went through this year’s legislative session and was already signed into law by Governor Ron DeSantis.


Yes, there was already an AG opinion in existence that allowed law enforcement officers to park their cruisers in the driveway of their homes in community associations – and yes, the opinion clearly stated that a police cruiser cannot be considered a commercial vehicle.


Yes, people with common sense and the willingness to follow laws and rules already knew about it, but the problem is the fact that certain board members, attorneys and CAMs are either illiterate or plainly unwilling to follow rules and laws. That’s why this bill was necessary – in order to make it easier to go after community association boards and managers who are unwilling to follow the laws.


It seems that AG opinions don’t really do much when it comes to the management of community associations. Maybe it has to do with the fact that rules and laws regarding community associations are only enforceable for the rich, because Joe Homeowner doesn’t have the necessary finances to enforce the laws written to protect him.


Remember the AG opinion about the use of golf courses owned by associations by outsiders (non-members)? It was as well very clear when written by Charlie Christ, but it seems nowadays people plainly ignore it.


Maybe that’s a bill proposal for next year that could strengthen the existing AG opinion and make it officially law.


Admittedly, SB 476 just a little step in the right direction considering the legal chaos in Florida’s community associations, but in my opinion every little thing helps.

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