By Eric Glazer, Esq.

Published February 27, 2023


I was recently watching an interview of a black belt in karate.  In addition he was built like The Hulk.  He started to say what he does when someone curses him out and even challenges him to a fight.  I was certainly expecting him to describe how he turns others into rubble.  On the contrary, he said that whenever he finds himself in that position, instead of fighting back, he simply walks away.  To say I was originally surprised is an understatement.  I mean this guy could pulverize any opponent.  Instead, he chooses to just walk away.


He spelled out why.  If he beats someone up he faces both criminal and civil charges.  And for what?  Because some dope said a few nasty words about him?  Much better to just walk away from any situation that allows for it.  Wow, I was impressed by this guyís brain, not just his muscle.


It got me to thinking about my career in condominium and HOA law.  How much time in my life did I spend hearing board members and unit owners verbally go at each other.  How much time in my life did I spend hearing unit or homeowners argue with other unit or homeowners?  Itís ridiculous.


In none of these arguments was anything accomplished whatsoever.  They were all a waste of time for those arguing and everyone who unfortunately had to listen to the nonsense.  Iíve seen physical fights break out and even walkers and canes fly through the air.  And for what?  What was accomplished?  Nothing.


So, board members, unit owners, home owners and even managers, Iím talking to you.  Next time someone is looking for a fight, do what the karate guy does, walk away.  It will probably drive the other person crazy. 

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