Lack of Understanding or a Cover Up?

By Darlys Walker

Published May 15, 2013


I am not convinced that there is more theft occurring in Association Management than in any other field. However, I do believe that when you're dealing with individuals and their homes, everything involving affairs of the Association becomes very personal.


Add this to the fact that many Homeowners can't read a financial statement, have never worked in the Corporate world and fail to comprehend the complexity of running a "Not for Profit" Corporation. Accusations are often made against the Board Members or the LCAM of misappropriation of funds.


Education, transparency and communication are the keys to ensuring your Association doesn't fall prey to these unfounded claims. But what if there is overwhelming evidence of misappropriation of funds? What action should you take? Gather your facts. Contact the DPBR or your Legal Counsel for advice. Never make public statements or accusations as this could make you liable and possibly, the Association as well.


My best advice is review the financial statements of your Association regularly, attend Board Meetings, review the meeting minutes and never make a statement which you cannot stand up in court and swear is the truth and factual! Speculation is detrimental to everyone!

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Darlys Walker

Darlys Walker, Founder and CEO of Condominium Concepts Management, Inc. (CCM), is recognized for her straight talk, subject matter expertise, and valued insights regarding real

state management, leasing, and HOAs. Her company serves a diverse portfolio of properties, from 16-units up to 600 as well as large mixed-use developments.  


   From its beginnings in 2000, CCM has become a well-respected asset manager and now works with over 100 associations with 16,000 units served by over 300 employees. Darlys and her team deliver resources and responsiveness through six regional offices - in Orlando, Miami, Jacksonville, Charleston, Nashville and Atlanta.


   Darlys Walker is best known for her passion and precision, understanding that the only difference that matters in today's demanding marketplace is service delivery ... doing what is promised and what is right. She knows that every community serves two masters ... the property owner/developer and the resident/homeowner. "If we are not equally responsive to both, we are not doing our job," she states.  


   Her clients say it best: "Darlys really knows her stuff" ... "at the top of her profession and it shows in the caliber of her clients" ... "delivers quality resources that match up well with needs and expectations that are really rigorous."  


   She is a licensed Real Estate Broker in four states, holds an Associate's Degree in Marketing and has earned the Accredited Real Estate Manager designation from the Georgia Institute of Real Estate Management. Also she is one of few certified as a Lead-Based Paint Abatement & Removal Trainer in Georgia.


   Darlys Walker and her team have been selected to manage the condominium conversion process and day-to-day operations for many of the Southeast's most high-profile condominium communities including luxury high-rises, mid-rises and garden-style homes. Most recently she has been recognized as an expert in 're-versions' of communities from condominiums to leased homes, as well as repositioning projects. A visionary and a tireless perfectionist, Darlys demonstrates hands-on leadership, working individually with each client and staff associate to achieve defined business outcomes and satisfaction.  

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